Sunday, 2 March 2014

AFD-Pratidhi in Satyamev Jayete

Pratidhi is a collaborative society of Delhi Police and Association for Development (AFD) which came into existence in 1996. The main objective of the organization is welfare and rehabilitation of survivors of crime mainly children survivors of sexual abuse. It is perhaps the first agency of its kind in the country that takes a holistic approach and caters to the long felt requirement of providing welfare services.

With more than 18 years of work experience Pratidhi has worked with more than 5000 children and women survivors who were referred  for social work intervention by Police, NGO’s and community. In order to bring long lasting impact in the society and create a favourable environment for survivors of sexual abuse, the organization engages with stakeholders in its advocacy campaign on the following issues:

A. Complete ban on PV Test (which is done in the cases of medical examination of rape survivors), generally known as two finger test.

B. Establish a single window Rape Crisis Centres.

C. Sensitive handling of survivors of sexual assault at the level of Police Station, Hospitals and Courts.

We are glad to inform you that the above issues were taken up by Amir Khan in his programme Satyamev Jayete on 02.03.2014. Please find a link of the same.

Part in which AFD-Pratidhi's is on the show:

Full episode:

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